Carmel Gardens


This is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy luxury living in a tranquil, almost woodland setting, yet only a few minutes’ walk from Falkirk town centre and all its amenities.

Detailed plot plans: Plot 1, Plot 2, Plot 3 & 4, Plot 5, Plot 6, Plot 7

GRS Homes are keen to retain the tranquillity and spirituality of the location and to that end will keep as many of the garden’s wooded areas as possible. It’s planned to retain an ancient copper tree as the central focus of the development.

The ground is home to many of the natural wonders to be found in Scotland and the development will preserve them.  Silver birch, scotch pine, oak trees, apple trees, cherry blossoms and of course the ancient copper beech will continue to play a major part in the site’s natural habitat and environment.

Those interested should call Lisa on 07736723978.

See the photos of the site, taken in January 2017 below:

Site clearance is almost complete in April May 2018:

Historical photographs of the site over the years: