29th May 2018

Once again, it’s been a wee while since we’ve found time to update the blog. But hopefully you’ll agree that’s been for genuine reasons. We’ve been so busy creating what we think are the best houses – or homes, as we prefer to call them – in the central belt of Scotland, particularly in the Falkirk area. In fact, please look at our other web pages which refer to our current developments in Falkirk – both prime sites and much sought after. These are not ordinary sites….Carmelite Gardens and Sikorski Gardens.

Anyway, if you look through our other pages, you’ll see why we think and hope we can offer what people are looking for in terms of quality homes – not just houses – in the central belt.

But that’s enough of the sales pitch – that can be found elsewhere on the site. One of the best things about GRS Homes is that it’s not all about business. We’re interested in the community and working with like-minded partners, or what we prefer to call friends. In terms of community, we’re very happy to say that we’ve been happy to switch our plans to accommodate the wee plant and herb garden that has been carefully cultivated by Friends of the Earth in Falkirk on common ground outside our site in the town centre. We certainly don’t want to disrupt a fantastic community initiative, so we’re working together on that. We’re not an ordinary company.

Also at our other site in on the former garden ground of the Carmelite Convent, we’ve gone beyond council requirements to retain as much of the original environment as possible.

GRS Homes in not a company that works in isolation and we aim to connect with as many local businesses as possible. Arka Architects, for example, our partner for many years; Apex IT and Steeple Media are also friends without whom this site would not be possible.

Many of our suppliers are local to the area and we feel that’s very important. In times of economic, commercial and employment difficulties in Scotland, we want to engage with local firms.
We’re also nothing if not convivial – we hold some of our meetings in local hostelries (business first, socialising afterwards, of course) and our main problem is to decide whether we go to the Wine Library or to the Wheatsheaf. Often, we do both, after the big decisions have been taken!
But the final thing we’d like you to remember is GRS Homes is a special company, aiming to offer the best tour clients – ie, you.