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Carmel Gardens

Carmel Gardens has just come to market and this development is something new for Falkirk centre . It’s difficult to envisage a more sought-after site in what is arguably the town’s most desirable residential locale. This is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy luxury living in a tranquil, almost woodland setting, yet only a few minutes’ walk from the town centre. GRS Homes is building seven homes on the site of the garden ground at the former Carmelite Convent Site.  We are keen to retain the tranquillity and spirituality of the location and will retain as many of the garden’s wooded areas as possible. It’s planned to retain an ancient copper beech tree as the central focus of the development.

GRS have gone to great lengths to guarantee the quality of the Carmel Gardens homes .  The brick used will be exclusive to the development and is a one-off design, made especially for this project and is imported from Holland. It is the only one of its kind in the UK.  The kitchens too are unique to each home, produced  in Germany, made bespoke to each buyer’s requirements and brought to life by GRS designers.

For sales details of our Carmel Gardens site please visit our micro-site at or contact Lisa (07736723978)