GRS Homes have acquired what can be considered to be two of the most prestigious luxury housing development sites in central Scotland.

The company is in the late stages of negotiation with Falkirk Council planners for permission to develop two historic local sites, right at the heart of the town’s retail, transport and leisure facilities.

The firm has acquired the garden ground at the historic former Carmelite convent in Arnothill, estimated to be the prime site in the town. The 0.5 hectare location is earmarked for seven prestigious, individually-designed homes, positioned in a tranquil woodlands setting and retaining its air of calm and relaxing spirituality, yet only a few hundred yards from the town centre, its retail outlets and minutes from the rail and road networks. This can safely be regarded as the jewel in the crown of luxurious living, not just in the town of Falkirk, but across the central belt.

GRS Homes has also secured a second prime site located in the very centre of the town – the area which housed the former historic Woodside House, planning dependent, is set to be transformed into five bespoke, luxury houses for those seeking to be right at the heart centre of the bustling community, only a few minutes’ stroll from the High Street and shopping malls – and for the more convivial, a similar distance from Falkirk’s oldest pub, an award-winning hostelry frequented by people of all ages.

These prestigious developments are sure to be snapped up, due not only to their location, but also because of the reputation carved out by GRS Homes and their award-winning partners, Arka Architects. It’s all kicking off soon – be part of it.

For more details, please email Graham on ……..info@grs-homes.co.uk